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Air Solutions Air Conditioning & Heating is proud to be a NATE Certified Contractor

Your HVAC system can one of the largest investments in your home or business. Use the wrong contractor and it can end up costing you down the road. At best, an improperly installed or maintained AC systems will not operate efficiently, costing you no telling how much extra on your utility bills. At worst, they can create potential health and safety hazards. Surveys have shown that one of the biggest concerns among consumers when shopping for HVAC contractors or repair services is how to locate a good contractor or technician. Customers look for a company that they can trust. They want assurance that their residential or commercial HVAC services are provided by technicians who know what they are doing. In a recent survey, 87% of Americans wanted a certified technician to work on their Air Conditioning system. This is where NATE comes in. In order to wear the NATE patch or display the NATE Certified logo, a technician must pass a rigorous test that measures and validates the extent of their knowledge of heating and cooling systems and their ability to apply that knowledge to any HVAC job.

Nate Certified Technicians:

  • Do the job right the first time
  • Have taken and passed the only nationally recognized test that is supported by the entire Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration industry and is endorsed by the United States Department of Energy
  • Have fewer callbacks than non-certified technicians, which means homeowners get the service they want and need quickly, without unnecessary multiple trips
  • Have satisfied customers
  • Have current knowledge and are excellent in their chosen profession because the NATE-certified technician must re-certify every five years
  • Have met or exceeded the highest standards set by the HVAC/R industry for job knowledge If you want to be sure you’re getting quality, trust your heating and cooling needs to the experts
Air Solutions Air Conditioning & Heating is a NATE Certified Contractor. You can count on our experience and knowledge for the highest standard of quality in the heating and cooling industry.
Ask whether a contractor’s service technicians are certified by North American Technician Excellence (NATE) to professionally install and service cooling and heating systems. For a list of contractors that employ NATE-certified technicians in your state, visit”
EPA/Energy Star®: A Guide to Energy-Efficient Cooling and Heating

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