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Nate Certified

Your heating and cooling system is a big investment. But use the wrong contractor and it can end up costing you a lot. Improperly installed systems run up higher utility bills…not to mention the potential health and safety hazards. Not a comforting thought.

QUESTION: What is a customers biggest worry?

ANSWER: How to locate a good technician — it’s that simple.

Customers want to choose a technician they can trust. They want assurance that their home comfort needs will be served by installation or service technicians who know what they are doing. In a recent survey, 87% of Americans wanted a certified technician to work on their home comfort system. NATE-certified technicians have passed a test that validates and verifies their knowledge of heating or cooling. Technicians wearing the NATE patch have passed one or more of five North American Technician Excellence Air Conditioning Excellence tests. They know heating and cooling. The NATE tests are more than just book learning — they are tests of applied knowledge. No one can guarantee how someone else will apply the knowledge they possess, but we can guarantee that the technician who passes the NATE test has the requisite knowledge to do the job.

NATE-certified technicians:

  • Know how to do the job right the first time
  • Possess a greater degree of self-confidence than non-certified technicians
  • Have taken and passed the only nationally recognized test that is supported by the entire Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration industry and is endorsed by the United States Department of Energy
  • Have fewer callbacks than non-certified technicians, which means homeowners get the service they want and need quickly, without unnecessary multiple trips
  • Have satisfied customers
  • Have current knowledge and are excellent in their chosen profession because the NATE-certified technician must re-certify every five years
  • Have met or exceeded the highest standards set by the HVAC/R industry for job knowledge If you want to be sure you’re getting quality, trust your heating and cooling needs to the experts

You can count on our experience and knowledge for the highest quality, name-brand heating and cooling products backed by the best warranties and personal service in the industry. Plus, our technicians are NATE certified–the national standard for quality in the heating and cooling industry. With quality on your side, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best there is.

Now that’s a comforting thought.